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Miscellaneous Equipment

Aldian Rent All has a large selection of tools and equipment to help with just about any project or job. You may not know the name of a tool or even if a certain piece of equipment even exists. We have the tools for extracting water, drying a floor or even something like hoisting an engine. We all know having the right tool for a job is essential, so don’t hesitate to contact the Aldian staff to explain what it is your looking to do so we can help make the job easier.

  • Air Mover

    This air mover is for drying a flooded basement, or after having a carpet cleaned. This carpet fan will help alleviate health problems from forming in damp basements and wet carpets.

  • Asbestos Shingle Cutter

    This asbestos cutter is used for cutting shingles and tiles that are found on roofs.

  • Bolt Cutter (Any Size)

    This bolt cutter is a high-carbon machined steel jaws cut rods, bolts, rivets, bars, and chains it has tubular steel handles with angled grips allow maximum leverage jaws are adjustable 1/4″ capacity.

  • Engine Hoist (1500lbs)

    This engine hoist can lift up to a 1500 lbs engine from a machine or vehicle.

  • Hitch (2″ Combination)

    This hitch has a 2″ diameter chrome hitch ball with wrench flats. Ideal to attach to a car or trailer for towing large equipment to and from a job site or your home.

  • Pallet Jack

    The pallet jack helps you easily move all your heavy material with ease.

  • Pipe Cutter 2″-4″

    The pipe cutter (2″-4″) great for use in hard-to-reach areas when cutting pipes.

  • Pipe Cutter Wheeler

    The pipe cutter wheeler helps cut pipes more easily and leave less burr.

  • Pipe Threader (Large)

    This is a large pipe threader used to cut grooves or threads into the end of a pipe.

  • Pipe Threader (Small)

    The small pipe threader and is used to cut grooves or threads into the end of a pipe.

  • Seesnake (Ridgid)

    The Ridgid SeeSnake line of pipe inspection equipment is built for the toughest residential, commercial and industrial environments.

  • Sheet Rock Jack

    The sheet rock jack helps support sheet rock as you place it up on the walls or ceiling.

  • Stapler (Electric)

    This is an electric stapler which allows you to staples multiple sheets of paper and accurate placement of staples.