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As we all know any yard or garden needs to be maintained on a weekly basis for it to been green and healthy. The only way to ensure a great looking healthy lawn is to give it the proper amount of water it needs along with the proper prepping and maintaining. Whether your a home owner or professional landscaper, each season brings the need to attend to different things. So come in a speak with the guys that can provide you with the tools you need to have a great looking yard. Aldian has all of the tools and knowledge to pass along to any home owner or landscaper to ensure the healthy green lawn and garden that we all desire.



  • Aerator

    The aerator helps reduce lawn compaction and improve drainage. Spikes can also be fitted in place of the hollow tines that allow oxygen to get to the grass roots.

  • Blower (Backpack)

    This is backpack style leaf blowing machine. This is useful for cleaning up leaves and other debris through out your property, driveway, patio, etc.

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    Blower (Walk Behind)

    This is a 9 horse power leaf blowing machine with wheels. This is useful for cleaning up leaves and other debris through out a yard or parking lot. We currently do not have this item.

  • Hedge Trimmer (Elec. 25″)

    This is a 25″ electric  hedge trimmer ideal for cutting hedges and shrubs. This item gets sent out with a 50 ft. extension cord.

  • Landscape Edger & Cable Layer

    Landscape Edger & Cable Layer is used to separate your garden beds, paving and other garden features from your lawn.

  • Lawn Roller (Manual)

    The Lawn Roller is a manual roller that flattens bumps and smooths the ground without damaging your lawn.

  • Log Splitter (Gas)

    This is a 8 horse power log splitter, gas powered and splits logs up to 27″ thick. This machine can be towed with a 2″ ball.

  • Overseeder

    This overseeder is a multi-spiked roller machine that produces perforations holes, effectively provides the highest percentages in grass seed germination.

  • Sod Cutter (Self Propelled)

    (Temporarily not available) This is a 8 horse power Ryan engine, Sod Cutter and has a 18″ cutting width.

  • Stump Grinder

    This is a Dosko brand stump grinder, good for stumps that are no higher than 10″ above the ground. It allows you to grind stumps down to ground level and can be towed with a 2″ ball.

  • Thatcher

    This is a Blue Bird, 5 hp thatcher which removes the dead grass and allows moisture and nutrients to be better absorbed by the soil, creating a strong, more viable turf.

  • Tiller (Barreto)

    This is a Barreto brand tiller which has all the performance of much larger tillers, but it’s designed specifically to work for smaller projects.

  • Tiller (Front Tine)

    This is a Merry brand tiller which is ideal for heavy duty transmissions and rugged drive systems which works in even the toughest of soil conditions.

  • Weed Trimmer

    The weed trimmer spins incredibly quiet and tears through brush and weeds with a specially designed cord that reduces resistance while holding up to more wear.

  • Wheelbarrow

    This wheelbarrow is your standard wheelbarrow for wheeling away dirt, rocks and heavy debris.