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Cement Tools

We have all the cement equipment for creating concrete from start to finish. Beginning with a plate tamper to compact the soil in preparation for the creation of cement or black top. Aldian also has cement mixers, of multiple sizes, to mix and pour cement as well as the concrete vibrator to prepare and mix the cement and finally the bull float and power trowel to spread and finish concrete.

  • Bull Float

    This 48″ aluminum float has one 6 ft handle. Additional handles available. A bull float is used to help smooth freshly poured cement before it drys and becomes concrete.

  • Mixer (1 1/2 Cub. Ft)

    This concrete mixer is a 1 1/2 cubic foot portable electric mixer for small inside or outdoor concrete jobs. This is a wheelbarrow style mixer with two handles and two wheels that can be moved around easily.

  • Mixer (6 Cub. Ft)

    This is a 6 Cu Ft. mixer ideally suited for utility contractors and municipalities. It is ideal for big jobs and requires a 2″ ball for towing.

  • Tamper (Plate)

    This tamper has vibrating plates that are designed to compact granular soils and asphalt. It’s gasoline engines drive one or two eccentric weights at a high speed to develop compaction force. The resulting vibrations cause forward motion which help compact.

  • Tamper (Rammer)

    (Temporarily not available) Most suitable for compacting cohesive and granular soils in narrow confined area. Most ideal for compacting trenches for piping, water and sewerage job, and others. Ideal for customers like landscapers, electrical contractors, and plumbing contractors.

  • Trowel (Finising Machine)

    This is a Wacker brand trowel also referred to as a finishing machine. This piece of equipment is used to smooth out cement during the drying process before the concrete sets.

  • Vibrator (Concrete)

    A Wacker brand concrete vibrator is used to consolidate the concrete mixture and prevent air bubbles and other curing issues during the cement mixing process.