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Aerial Equipment, Forklifts, & Scaffolding Rentals

Aerial Equipment, Forklifts, & Scaffolding Rentals provide essential solutions for various construction, maintenance, and industrial projects. Aerial equipment such as scissor lifts and boom lifts offer the flexibility to access elevated work areas, making tasks safer and more efficient. Forklifts are indispensable in material handling and warehousing operations, enabling the seamless movement of heavy loads. Scaffolding rentals offer a sturdy and secure platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights. Renting these equipment options is a cost-effective* and practical choice for businesses, as it eliminates the need for ownership and maintenance expenses. With a reliable rental service like Aldian, construction companies and other industries can access top-quality equipment, enhancing productivity and ensuring a safer work environment.

*Daily rental is 24 hrs and 8 hrs use on the clock. Prices do not include damage waiver and tax.

  • Aerial Lift – Genie 40 ft + All Terrain

    The Genie® S®-40 HF and S-45 HF high float telescopic booms are designed to perform heavy-lifting tasks in sensitive turf conditions, such as sand and turf ground conditions. Engineered to “float” on soft or delicate surfaces, the Genie S-40 and S-45 HF booms protect softer surfaces during operation that could be damaged by the more aggressive tread on regular rough terrain tires.

  • Aerial Lift – Genie 60 ft + All Terrain

    Easily complete heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites with the Genie® S®-60X telescopic boom — offering a dual lift capacity of 750-lb (340 kg) unrestricted and 1,250-lb (567 kg) restricted — or the Genie S®-65 telescopic boom, up to 500-lb (227 kg) capacity.

  • Aerial Lift – Nifty 42

    Developed specifically to maximize outreach at lower levels, the Nifty TM42T tow-behind cherry picker delivers an unrivaled working envelope.The TM42T offers an up-and-over clearance of more than 18ft 4in, allowing it to easily reach over larger obstacles such as walls and buildings.

  • Aerial Lift – Nifty Lift TM50 HGE

    This tow-behind boom lift can be picked up and tows with a 2″ ball, with 50 ft of reach as a straight boom, and is articulating as well.  It is the Gas-Electric model. Platform Height: 49ft 6in | Working Outreach: 28ft 6in | Safe Working Load: 440lbs | Minimum Weight: 4890lbs

  • Forklift/Telehandler – Bobcat TL923 All Terrain

    Operating Weight 18158 lb  | Travel Speed – High 24.8 mph |  Travel Speed – Low 3.7 mph | Rated Capacity 9041 lb | Lift Height 23 Ft | Max Reach 13.5 Ft | Rated Capacity @ Full Height 7056 lb | Rated Capacity @ Max Reach 3749 lb 

  • Lift – 25 Foot Genie Scissor

    The Genie GS-1930 slab scissor lifts are easy to maneuver in tight spaces, boast quiet electric operation and are ideal for indoor and outdoor application on firm, level surfaces. Max Working Height:  25 ft | Capacity:  500 lb | Machine Width:   2 ft 6 in. | Machine Length:   6 ft | Weight:   2,702 lb

  • Lift – 26 Foot LCMG Scissor

    Indoor Electric Scissor Lift, 26′ platform reach . Top-of-the-line hydraulic systems make these machines run smoothly. Specifically designed ridges in the swing-out trays catch possible drips. Tough, reliable, and built to last

  • Scaffold (Bakers)

    This is a complete scaffolding unit ideal for tight spaces inside or outside. Commonly used for painting jobs as well has changing light bulbs in high ceilings. The maximum height is 12 feet. 

  • Scaffolding (1 Section)

    This is one section of scaffolding which will support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.


  • Scaffolding (Catwalk)

    This item is a long plank approximately 20 feet long and is placed between two ladders, it allows you to stand on or walk across the length of the plank at elevated heights. This item is helpful for working on a roof, cleaning gutters and painting.

  • Scaffolding 7′ Diagonal Brace

    7′ braces for scaffold

  • Scaffolding Casters 5″

    These are lockable wheels that allow the Baker scaffolding unit to be moved around easily


  • Scaffolding Casters 8″

    Wheels for pipe scaffolding to move scaffolding around.

  • Scaffolding Leveling Jack

    This leveling jack is for pipe scaffolding. It is used when the ground is not level to jack up on side of the scaffolding making it level and stabilizing the unit.

  • Scaffolding Open Frame

    5’x5’x7′ Bil-Jax

  • Scaffolding Platform Only

    platform to stand on for pipe scaffolding.3 platforms cover entire width of scaffolding.19.4in each. $10.00 per platform for week