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Contractors we can help you with all the equipment and tools needed on any job site. We’ve been assisting contractor in Westchester for over fifty years providing the equipments needed for; excavating a property, hauling, dumping, spreading soil or even scaffolding for high area jobs. We also have the tools needed by contractors for bending aluminum, jacking up a house or pumps to extract water, even kerosene and propane heaters and much more. So think of Aldian before you head to a job site, you may want to pick up a power tool or equipment you may not have at that location. If your equipment fails or you find out you just don’t have the right tool for the job just dial our number or send us an email. We understand that sometimes you are unable to leave your job site, so just call or email us so we can deliver the equipment to you. So don’t forget to add Aldian’s phone number to your cell phone and our website www.aldianrentall.com to your favorites.

  • Band Saw (Portable)

    The Band Saw delivers long tooth life and exceptional durability in metal-cutting applications, including strut, conduit, angle iron, copper tube, threaded rod, and pipe. Tooth form, pitch, and set have been designed to deliver straight, accurate cuts across a broad range of materials.

  • Brake (10′ Aluminum)

    The Mark II Trim Master® Commercial brake has additional “C” castings to handle medium grade metals with ease. Ultra High Molecular Weight, wedges are independently adjustable. This brake is a commercial model and while also providing all the bending power needed without sacrificing portability.

  • Come Along (4k lbs.)

    The come along 4,000 lbs Cable Come-A-Long or cable puller has 3 hooks. It is constructed of heavy duty steel and has a powerful hand crank ratchet and automatic notch with time let down release for precision.20 feet of high strength aircraft cable with rugged frame and quick take up winding wheel.

  • Compressor (Air 185 cfm)

    This is a Airman brand 185 cfm air compressor, used to run air hammers or blow out sprinkler systems and needs to be towed with a 2″ ball or pintle hook.

  • Compressor (Electric)

    This is a Bostitch brand 2.0 horse power electric air compressor,  3.4 cfm. and has a 6.0 gallon tank.

  • Compressor (Gas 6 cfm)

    This is a Rol-Air wheelbarrow style compressor for easy transportation. This is ideal for a homeowner that needs to blow out their sprinkler system lines and other light home usage.

  • Diamond Blade (12″)

    The 12″ Virginia Abrasive brand diamond blade allows you to cut into concrete or asphalt depending on the blade. Blades can be purchased for $95 per blade.

  • Diamond Blade (14″)

    This is a 14″ Virginia Abrasives brand diamond blade.  We have both concrete and asphalt cutting blades which rents out with our saws.  Blades can be purchased for $125 per blade.

  • Excavator (Bobcat 335)

    The Bobcat 335 can perform excavation, trenching, demolition, and material handling and placement. The 40-hp 335 compact excavator features a maximum digging depth of 11 feet 8 inches and a maximum reach of 17 feet 10 inches.

  • Excavator (Bobcat E42)

    The Bobcat E42 can be used to dig trenches, tree planting holes and shaping slopes with a 24-inch wide bucket. It provides a digging depth of 10 ft., 6 in., and a reach of 17 ft., 3 in. It’s weight is 9,246 lbs and width is 69″. The diesel tank capacity is 21 gal.

  • Excavator Mini (Bobcat 418)

    This is a mini excavator ideal for digging in tight spaces. It’s minimum width is 28″ and can extend out to 43″. It can dig 6′ deep and has a 10’2″ reach. It’s weight is 2,593 lbs and has a diesel fuel capacity of 4.2 gal.

  • Front End Loader (Bobcat S175)

    This is a Bobcat brand S175 (skid steer) front end loader. Diesel fuel, rated operating capacity 1750 lbs, tipping load 4126 lbs operating weight 6290 lbs, fuel tank 24 gal. width 66″, height 76.3″ reach max height 29.6″

  • Front End Loader (T590)

    This is a Skid Steer run on tracks that weights 8007 lbs and it’s tipping weight is 557 lbs. The loader’s width is 67″ and cab height 77.8″. It’s diesel fuel capacity is 36.5 gal.

  • Generator (2500 watt)

    This 2500 watt generator can provide temporary emergency back-up power for common appliances such; refrigerators, lights, sump pumps, power tools, and TVs.

  • Generator (5000 watt)

    The Wacker 5000 watt generator is designed for construction rental and other demanding applications. These high performance, portable generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged, compact package.

  • Grinder (4 1/2″ Electric)

    This is a Bosch brand angle grinder that excepts 4 1/2″ cutting, grinding or diamond blades.

  • Grinder (Angle 7 X 1/4)

    This is a Bosch brand angle grinder which excepts 7″ cutting, grinding or diamond blades.

  • Hammer (90lbs Air)

    This is a Sullair brand air hammer ideal for breaking rock. You will need at least a 185 cfm air compressor to run the hammer. This item goes out with a point and chisel and there is a $7 resharpening fee if used.

  • Hammer Drill (Wacker)

    This is a Wacker brand hammer drill, weighs 25 lbs. Shank- spline, input voltage 115. Designed for breaking or drilling concrete, brick, asphalt, light stone, terrazzo and frozen or hard ground.

  • Heater (175k Btu)

    This is a Mr. Heater contractor series is a 175k btu Kerosene heater. Ideal for construction sites, but require plenty of ventilation if people are going to be in the room, due to the Kerosene using up the oxygen in the air.

  • Heater (70k Btu)

    This is a Ready brand 70k Btu Kerosene heater. Ideal for construction sites, but requires plenty of ventilation if people are going to be in the room, due to the kerosene using up the oxygen in the air.

  • Heater (85k Btu)

    This is Universal brand is 85k Btu Propane heater. Ideal for construction sites, but require plenty of ventilation if people are going to be in the room, due to the Kerosene using up the oxygen in the air.

  • Jack (20 Ton Hydralic)

    This is a Jet brand 20 ton hydraulic house jack. Ideal for temporarily lifting a house, deck or anything extremely heavy.

  • Jack (House Screw Type)

    This is a screw type house jack. Ideal for temporarily lifting a house, deck or anything extremely heavy.

  • Jack (Shore)

    This is a 6′ shoring jack that extends out to 10’4″. A shoring jack is used in conjunction with a house jack to support a structure such as a ceiling or foundation.

  • Jack (Trans 1/2 Ton)

    This is hydraulic jack used for lifting up a transmission from a car, truck or van.

  • Pump (1″ Subm. Elec)

    This Little Giant brand 1″ Pump is submersible and pumps 20 g.p.m (gallons per minute) and hooks up to a garden hose.

  • Pump (2″ Gas Trash)

    This pump is a 2″ trash Wacker brand that pumps 100 gpm (gallons per minute). This pump is gas powered.

  • Pump (2″ Subm. Elec)

    This 2″ Submersible Electric Pump is made by Tsurumi, it pumps 53 gpm (gallons per minute).

  • Pump (3″ Gas Trash)

    The Wacker trash pump is gas powered that pumps at 300 gpm (gallons per minute).

  • Pump (Diaphragm 3″)

    This is a Wacker brand diaphragm pump. This pump has a filter which used for pumping dirty water.

  • Rebar (Cutter Bender)

    This is a Ridged brand rebar cutter. It allows you to quickly and safely bend rebar from 0 to 180 degrees.

  • Roller (1 1/2 ton Vibratory)

    This is a Wacker brand roller (1 1/2 ton Vibratory) easily rides flush, right up to the edge asphalt compaction.

  • Roofing Torch

    This roofing torch is typically used for heating up the tar on a roof. This torch is also often used for melting snow.



  • Scaffold (Bakers)

    This is a complete scaffolding unit ideal for tight spaces inside or outside. Commonly used for painting jobs as well has changing light bulbs in high ceilings. The maximum height is 12 feet. 

  • Scaffolding (1 Section)

    This is one section of scaffolding which will support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures.


  • Scaffolding (Catwalk)

    This item is a long plank approximately 20 feet long and is placed between two ladders, it allows you to stand on or walk across the length of the plank at elevated heights. This item is helpful for working on a roof, cleaning gutters and painting.

  • dummy-product-image

    Sky Riser Winch

    This is a sky riser lift for raising heavy objects up to 8 feet high and to 400 Lbs. Ideal for lifting air conditioners or other heavy objects.

  • Transit

    This surveyors transit used to help figure the lay of the land allowing the surveyor to measure both horizontal and vertical angles.