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Owning a home inevitably brings on several projects that sometimes require tools that you just don’t have in your home. Many times it’s equipment or machines that are just not practical to own, many times because of it’s shear size or cost. Aldian is the home center you can turn to for providing the equipment and advice you need. Home ownership usually brings visitors, guest or parties to your home so rent the things you need prior to or after the event.  As we all know a home requires constant maintenance so contact us to see if we have the equipment to service your needs inside or outside your home.


  • Animal Trap (Large)

    This is a Havahart® Ex Large 1-Door Traps, designed and used by professional trappers, have one spring loaded door for safe, secure catches. Ideal for trapping large raccoons, small dogs, foxes and similar sized animals.


  • Animal Trap (Small)

    This is a Small 2-Door Easy Set® Trap. The durable trap lets you set and release with just one hand, keeping you far away from the captured animal. The trap features a solid plate covering the top and doors that serves as a hand guard to limit contact with the animal.

  • Bed (Large)

    The potable bed (37″ X 78″) is a fold out cot that is ideal for visiting friends or family. This bed is more comfortable and sets up faster than an air bed with an electric pump.

  • Booster Seat

    This is an adjustable booster seat used to elevate a toddler at a table. It can be used within a home or restaurant dinner table.

  • Chairs (Brown Folding)

    This is a brown Samsonite folding chair which is ideal for parties, conferences or other gatherings and can be used inside or out. The chair is constructed of metal and plastic.

  • Chairs (For Children)

    This is a small plastic chair for children ages 2-7 years of age, ideal for parties inside or outside. The chairs are stack-able and come in both Blue or Pink.

  • Chairs (White Folding)

    This is a white Samsonite folding chair which is ideal for parties, conferences or other gatherings and can be used inside or out. The chair is constructed of metal and plastic.

  • Coat Rack (Industrial Size)

    This is an industrial sized coat rack on wheels. The coat rack can fit 35 winter coats ideal for a rental hall, large restaurant or even a party at home. It’s best to have a small designated room all hallway for the coat rack.

  • Crib (Folding)

    This is a portable crib, folds flat for compact storage or travel. Included is the stationary (non drop side) rail design which provides the utmost in safety.

  • Dehumidifier (Dryvex R55)

    This is a Dryvex R55 dehumidifier, which is a commercial dehumidifier that offers the construction and restoration industries a fast-drying job site solution.

  • Dehumidifier (Soleus air)

    This dehumidifier (Soleus air) 25 pint, is a small conventional dehumidifier. Removes water from the air and keep a designated area dry.

  • Dolly (Appliance)

    This appliance dolly comes with a strap and is ideal for moving apartments, the best choice for moving boxes, appliances, furniture and more.

  • Dolly (Flatbed)

    This 4 wheel flat dolly helps you move effortlessly and is perfect for moving dressers, wall units, pianos, chest freezers, heavy equipment and more.

  • Dolly (Hand Truck)

    This is your standard hand truck two handles two wheels that your local delivery guy would use to move boxes or other heavy items. This tool is essential for any move.

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    Fan (Standing)

    This is a large standing fan with 18″ blades that is ideal for cooling large areas. We currently do not have this item.

  • Generator (1000 watt)

    This is a  1000 Watt generator which comes in handy during blackouts or other harsh weather situations to supply power to essential home appliances.

  • Heat Gun (Bosch)

    This is a Bosch brand heat gun that will easily thaw frozen pipes, strip paint and remove adhesive and wallpaper. This heat gun is also great for loosening fittings.

  • Heater (Electric Small)

    This small portable electric heater is ideal for use in your workplace, greenhouse, garage or anywhere else that heat is needed and can be used as a temporary heating solution.

  • Knee Kicker (Carpet)

    This knee carpet kicker installer is the easiest and safest way to install carpet.

  • Ladder (10′ Step)

    This is a Lynn brand 10′ fiberglass step ladder.

  • Ladder (12′ Step)

    This is a Lynn Brand 12′ fiberglass step ladder.

  • Ladder (24′ Extension)

    This is a Lynn 24′ extension ladder.

  • Ladder (32′ Extension)

    This is a 32′ extension ladder is not available at this time.

  • Ladder (40′ Extension)

    This 40′ extension ladder is not available at this time.

  • Ladder (8′ Step)

    This is a Lynn brand 8′ fiberglass step ladder.

  • Ladder Bracket

    The ladder bracket is used to secure your ladder while working.

  • Light (500 watt)

    The is a halogen light with a contractor-quality, weatherproof design, the light also features a safety wire guard, and a heavy-duty aluminum fixture.

  • Metal Detector Deluxe

    This is a surface or just below metal detector ideal for finding jewelry or any other small metal objects.

  • Paper Shredder

    The paper shredder allows you to shred all confidential papers.


  • Pole Pruner (Manual)

    This is a manually operated pole pruner which helps you to prune trees and bushes in hard to reach areas.

  • Pressure Washer (2500)

    This is a gas powered 2500 psi Pressure Washer, ideal for cleaning: deck, house, driveway, walkway or patio. This item comes with multiple tips for each job application and a chemical injector for removal of algae often found on decks and patios. Chemicals sold separately.

  • Pressure Washer (3500)

    This is a 3500 Psi pressure washer. It is gas powered with 11 hp Honda engine , good for house cleaning, complete house preparation for painting, cleaning decks, concrete patios and stone cleaning. Chemicals sold separately.

  • Snake (1/2″ X 50′)

    This is a 1/2″ thick by 50 ft. snake that can help get rid of even the most stubborn hard clogs.

  • Snake (Drain)

    The hand held drain snake is great for shower & tub drains to clean out most blocked sinks, bathtubs or toilets.

  • Snake (Ram Snake)

    This is a kinetic water ram snake uses a burst of compressed air, which strikes the column of water in a clogged drain. The resulting shock wave hits the stoppage quickly clearing the blockage and flushing waste particles away.

  • Snake (Sewer)

    This is a General brand sewer snake 5/8″ by 100 ft. cable is used for clearing clogs that are present on the sewer level, best for 3″ to 6″ pipe clean outs.

  • Table (4′ Round)

    This is a 4′ round table that seats 5 people comfortably, can fit 6 people although a bit tight. This table has folding legs for portability.

  • Table (5′ Round)

    This is a 4′ round table that seats 7 people comfortably, can fit 8 people although a bit tight. This table has folding legs.


  • Table (Children)

    This is a square children’s size table which seats 4 comfortably.

  • Table 6′ (Rectangle)

    This is a 6′ rectangular table that seats 8 people (32′ X 72)

  • Table 8′ (Rectangle)

    This is a 8′ rectangular table that seats 10 people (32′ X 72)

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    Tent (10×10)

    This is a 10′ x 10′ canopy tent, that can protect your guests from the searing sun, pouring rain, and assorted weather elements. Ideal for parties. Currently we do not have this item.

  • Tile Cutter (Manual)

    This tile cutter is ideal for thin tile. It have a sharp blade on a wheel that can be guided along a track to score the tile and then make a straight clean break.


  • Upholstery Cleaner

    The upholstery cleaner offers remarkable carpet cleaning solutions for every home. Various attachments for cleaning upholstery are included



  • Vacuum (Wet/Dry)

    This is a wet and dry Vacuum. It can be used with filter for dirt and dust and when used without filter for wet pickup on concrete or other hard surface floors.

  • Wallpaper Steamer

    This is a Higher Tech brand electric wallpaper steamer uses tap water for easy operation and cleanup to remove wallpaper.